Hi Teresa,

Almost 11 years ago, we brought Flicka home from Stoneridge Cavaliers, never expecting what an impact she would have on all of us. I am happy to report that after 11 years she is still a healthy, happy doggie. Although she has gradually slowed down as she has aged (as all of us do), she is still very much a fun-loving, tail-wagging puppy at heart...she still loves playing fetch (although she never did get the hang of giving her toy back once it was fetched) and running around the back yard getting into whatever she can. The girls (and their friends) absolutely adore her and are planning a huge birthday party for her...I think they have invited close to 50 people.

The reason I wanted to contact you though was to share what an impact she has had on my dad. My dad is currently in the late stages of Alzheimers Disease. Earlier this year, we had to move him from the home he has lived in with my mom for almost 50 years to a memory care facility. Thankfully, they allow people to bring dogs in to visit the residents, so I bring Flicka over with me when I can. He doesn't have many happy memories left that he can recall...a lot of the time he doesn't know who I am, but he knows Flicka. Aside from seeing her all the time when they would come over to our house, mom and dad also watched Flicka at their house a few times when our family would go on vacation. Without fail, dad will always tell me the story of how he would be in bed at night ready to go to sleep and he would hear "pitter-patter, pitter-patter", then a long pause and then Flicka would jump up and land right in the crook of his knees and snuggle up for the night....and heaven forbid if he tried to shift positions or move her out of her "spot". It is so true...she did that all the time, especially when she was younger. Sometimes he tells me that story 10 times during the course of a single visit. I am so grateful that he has an honest to goodness happy memory that has not been stolen away that he can share. He is so content when she comes over because he can just pet her and talk to her so easily. He is hard of hearing, so along with having to deal with the Alzheimers, carrying on a conversation with others is challenging, but he will sit and pet Flicka and tell her how pretty she is for hours on end.

Anyway, I just wanted to share that with you. I know she is probably in the twilight of her life and we may not have her around for many more years, but what a blessing she has been and continues to be. Thank you for that.

Brenda Schlenk


Our new puppy is doing fantastic! He is the sweetest thing. He is always on the run when he is awake and then he just lays down and falls asleep. I was trying to take a picture to send you but he moves too fast.

He is eating great. He slept through the first night. Just a few little whines and he was out for the night. He has not had an accident in the house at all. He likes to go outside to potty but if he is in a big hurry he uses his litter box.

He is everything I wanted him to be. I think we picked the right one. You are great with your puppies. He is so well trained for his young age.

I will send you a sleeping picture until I can catch him awake.

Thank you again.



We adopted "Pip" the Mi-Ki as a companion for my husband who is now in his ninth decade and needed a "light weight" pup with minimal exercise requirements who was attentive and engaging. The bonus we did not expect was the devotion between the Mi-Ki and our six year old Cavalier "Quince". Pip shakes Quince out of his middle aged snoozes for play and adventure. Left to Pip, the two dogs would never be separated. Pip barks only to warn us about an unusual visitor, is endlessly amusing and the non-shedding factor is also a huge plus. A perfect solution to our needs!"


Finley is doing great!

He truly is an amazing puppy.

Smart, oh boy, is he smart & such a joy to train. 

He is doing great potty training with the box & goes outdoors as well. I think we have had 2 accidents & that was within the first couple of days. The potty box is pure genius!

Finley is such a good dog!  He brings a breath of fresh air to our home and our family.  He has become such a Mama's boy, that was never my intent but he's just so lovey all of the time and it just happens that I'm home with him the most.

We now know what you meant when you said we wouldn't be able just to have ONE! The conversations around our house goes something like this.  "When we get a Sister for Finley", or "Ohhh he needs a playmate", "Mommy, should our next puppy be a boy or girl"?  When he gets a little older we will be asking to to be put on the waiting list for a sibling.


We are so thankful that we found your website and was able to get our puppy Theo from you!

He has been so awesome and great to train!  I can't believe how well he is doing. He absolutely adores my kids and he definitely gets plenty of attention!  He is flat out spoiled :)

He is such a snuggler and loves to be held.

Again, thank you so much!!  You are a great breeder and we can tell that Theo came to us in great hands!!

Hi Teresa,

Well our little girl is just making us laugh day and night! She really has the cutest personality.

My female isn't quite sure what to make of her yet. She mainly sniffs her and walks away.

Wes, our tri male loves to play with her. They chase each other on circles!

My daughter will barely leave Ruby's side!  Needless to say she's a big hit and we love her!

Here is a picture of Ruby with Haley. Ruby follows her everywhere. :)


Hi Teresa,

Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how Quintus is doing.

It's hard to believe that Quintus has only been with us for a few weeks because he has become such an important part of our family already. He has been adjusting so well and growing so much especially for the last week. He is so adorable. He's a great cuddler but so willing to play and roughhouse with us. It's so funny how he knows that the "boys" like to play but us "girls" are meant to cuddle with. He is so smart and has been adjusting to going out for potty so well. He has been sleeping in his crate through the night from the very first night without a peep. His visit with our vet the first week went perfectly too. We love him so much already.

Thank you for bringing such a beautiful puppy like Quintus into our lives.

Best regards,  Linda

Hi Teresa,

We want to let you know that Bonnie is doing great! She fits in perfectly here, and we love her dearly.

Bonnie goes on long walks with us daily, and loves to play with our young Darcy.

She was spayed and microchipped in late June, has completed her shots, and was given a clear bill of health by our veterinarian.

We couldn't be happier with her.

Dick and Sue

   I don't know if you remember us, but we bought Penny from you in Feb. 2012.  She was almost six months old then.  I wanted you to know she's been one of the greatest joys of my life.  She's sweet, extremely smart and very playful.  I have heard many times that they have never seen a dog who loves her owner so much.
   We are due with our first baby (actually overdue) and wanted to share this picture with you of her waiting on her new brother.  Thank you for giving me my best friend in such a sweet little girl!

Keith and Ashley
Dear Teresa,
   Thank you so much!  I can't tell you how blessed I feel to have this new addition to our family.  He is truly a gem and you do a remarkable job.  I don't have any questions or concerns at this point at all.  He is attentive, affectionate, and playful.  I don't see any signs of jealousy from the other pets.  He sat by Cliff on the blanket you bought him the first day.  Today he is bouncing around playing, took good naps, and has no issues eating as you instructed.  He is in our bedroom at night.  It is quiet there with just Sofie and us.  I want him to adjust age appropriately without too much stimulation by sleeping with the other dogs.  If it ends up that he stays in our room at night, that is okay with us.

   Again, we were taken back not only by this beautiful little boy, but your lovely home and Kansas City-picture beautiful.  I am so glad that I have a highly competent senior cavalier breeder who loves God's little animals-this was very important to me when we were ready to adopt.

Hi Teresa,
   I thought you would like to see a picture of Polly.  She is the cuddliest dog we have ever seen and loves playing fetch in the backyard.  She is just a GREAT dog!

Jim and Ann

Hi Teresa,

I just wanted to give you an update on our little boy "Hank".  I attached a picture of him with his big brother Beau, a Bernese Mountain Dog.  They look a lot like Mutt and Jeff, but they love each other so much! 
Hank just came into our house like he had always been a part of the family.  The litter box training really helped make the transition so much easier and I thank you for that!  Hank is so loving and sweet - my two girls absolutely love him and so does everyone else who has met him.  It is so obvious that you love your animals and take such good care of them because it shows in his personality every day.    He is a perfect, healthy little guy!  I'll be sure to send you updates as he grows.  Thank you for the gift of this special little guy.  We love him to pieces! 


Hi Teresa,

Just wanted to let you know that little Yadi has adjusted very good to his new home! He is so full of energy & loves to cuddle after playing. He has been doing a very good job at going to the door and ringing his bells to go outside...such a quick learner! He has already learned how to use the doggy door to his play area and he loves to go in and out of it. He also loves to play and drag his lion around that you sent for him. He is definitely melting our hearts and getting spoiled!

Stephanie & Selena



My family and I adopted our beloved Maebe from you last May. She is the absolute joy of our family. She is happy, playful, oh so snugly, and totally adored by everyone. Our neighbors comment constantly on what a beauty she is and how good she is with all the little ones on the cul-de-sac. She is so sweet natured we trust her with everyone, even at such a young age. I attribute that to her first months with you. You exposed her to a variety of settings and nurtured her to become so well-adjusted.

We couldn't be happier with our decision to adopt from you. Our Veterinarian, Dr. Peterson, commented on what a healthy and well-adjusted puppy we have. He specifically said you "really know your stuff" as far as breeding and raising healthy, beautiful puppies.  :)

Recently, my son, Graeme, has been asking when we're getting a buddy for our Maebe. He even said, remember what she told you, "they're like potato chips, you can't have just one." After some thought, I have to agree and am wondering if you plan to have a litter of tricolored beauties anytime in the near future? If so, we'd love the opportunity to come by and see the little beauties. :) 

Thank you again for bringing Maebe into our lives, she's enhanced our family immeasurably  :)
Molly is doing fine. She drags all of her toys around the house-most are bigger than she is! I am installing a camera so I can use my iphone to keep an eye on her when I have to go somewhere without her - which is not often. I took her to work with me on our first work day home and she stayed in my cubicle with me. Everyone just loves her! She is not afraid of much bigger dogs and runs right up to them - which is good, but I really need to watch her. She and I are already training (informally) for her therapy training. She obeys to “Molly come” and “Molly sit” commands already. I am very impressed! She is everything I hoped she would be! Thank you so much for all of your assistance.

Cavaliers I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THESE TWO CAVALIERS!  I think my husband loves them more than me! LOL!
Thought you would like some updated photos of these two little girls. We think they are precious!
Can’t imagine having only one!  They play, cuddle, fight, and do everything together.
Even took them In our RV for a month in Florida. They were good about using the litter box and were a hit EVERYWHERE they go!

The Patterson Family
Once our Charlie completed his rally advanced title, I began focusing on introducing Elsie to the ring.  She has amazing “show presence”, but more often than not, she finds multiple ways to entertain everyone-particularly the judges.  Lots of kisses on the “stand for examination”, tail wagging (resulting in a little dance on the same exercise), leaving the ring on recall to greet someone and then coming right back for a straight sit in front.  Now, fully approaching her teen years as she approaches 3, she knocked off her Beginner Novice and Rally Novice titles in just two weekends this last month culminating in an impressive 2nd place score of  97 in Rally at a big 5 day show at the Arizona Fairgrounds (her first appearance at a big multi state conformation plus show).  She even nailed her first leg on her CD title.  If Elsie wasn’t hanging half off the couch dead tired, I know she would say that life is grand!


 Gabby is getting along better than we could have ever expected.

 She is a sweetie.

 Gabby is such a loving little girl it is hard not to spoil her rotten. 

 She does know what no means and will play fetch. 

 We love her!


Our new cavaliers are SOOOOO good.  I love them!
I took them to my vet and he said they look fabulous and are very relaxed in a stressful environment such as moving to a new family and vet.  He said you did a great job of socializing them and making them sweeties!

I want to thank you for being a really good breeder.  They are wonderful pups and we could not be happier.  I will send you pictures as they get older and keep you updated on their progress.

Wichita, Ks.

We just got back from a barbeque at our daughter’s house and Pippa was a big hit!  Eight of our 14 grandchildren were there to meet her. They were all so taken with her.  She let them hold her, pet her, and she in turn licked their hands in gratitude for the attention.  She is such a sweet girl. You know we got her as a “therapy” dog for my husband.  Since he is wheelchair dependent he spends a lot of time sitting.  He’s just not able to be active because of his health issues.  When we first saw Pippa and she settled onto Gary’s lap and cuddled up to him, we knew we had found the dog for him.  We’ve only had her for a week and their bond is set.  When she sits with Gary she quiets and calms his spirit.  When Gary works on his laptop or watches TV, she snuggles quietly on his lap. They even nap together in his recliner.

It’s a beautiful sight. I want to thank you so much for raising the perfect dog for us.  She comforts Gary, brings joy into house, and gets along with our four cats as if she had grown up with them.  Gary and I will recommend you and your wonderful Cavaliers to anyone who expresses interest in including one of these amazing dogs in their lives.  I can’t imagine a happy, healthier environment than the one you provide for your puppies.

God bless,

We brought little Charlie home just over 2 weeks ago and he is such a happy, playful and loving dog!  I attribute a lot of these characteristics to the way he was raised as a puppy and the care that was given to him in the early days.  Teresa is not only a wealth of knowledge, she is also very patient and essentially plays match-maker to ensure that you and your puppy will be a perfect fit!  Living in New York I was at the mercy of pictures and descriptions – Teresa answered all of my questions in great detail and made me feel very confident with our choice of puppy.  Now that we have our little guy, it’s hard to imagine life without him! 

I highly recommend Stoneridge Cavaliers to anyone interested in welcoming one of these amazing little dogs into their family!

 Chelsea Vukelic


Hello from Alaska Teresa,

We finally named him....Jaxxon Gramm.  He is a happy happy boy.  He melts in our arms and snuggles his head into our chests. He plays hide and seek with our daughter and chases dust particles in the sun.  His brother Morey, in Minnesota, is doing well and has forever made his way into my parents hearts. I see him when I go home to visit and we can't wait to get our boys together to play.  They look so much alike we fear we may not be able to tell them apart.  My husband visits your websight every other week it seems to look for another puppy.  He keeps hinting that we need to make a trip to Olathe this summer.  We love our "pupper dog" as we sometimes call him and glad to have him as our newest family member.
Thanks sooooo much.
The von Gemmingens....Christoff, Beth and Brooklynn

Dear Teresa,

I just wanted to give you an update on Cincy, the beautiful cavalier I brought home from you back in July. She has settled into my home now, and I can't tell you what a joy she is.

I am truly blessed to have found Stoneridge for my wonderful cavalier puppy!





Dear Teresa,

I just wanted to give you a quick update on Cobi!  He is doing so well in his new home!  I think he only had one or two accidents when we first got him, and that wasn't even his fault.  He is just the most adorable, sweet, active and outgoing little guy!!  He loves EVERYONE, and shows his love by showering them with kisses!  He is also extremely smart.  He already knows how to sit on command, and is learning "down."  Everyone he meets loves him so much.  He really is a special baby boy, and we already can't imagine life without him! I'm pretty sure he is getting cuter everyday (not sure how that is possible) and everyone he meets says he is literally the cutest puppy in the world.  They are right!

Amanda & Bo



Hello Teresa:

Quince arrived in my life a year ago yesterday. He is a marvelous companion - highly trainable, empathic and a never ending source of good cheer.  He has been a tonic to our now 14 year old English Springer Devon.  They look out for each other and co-habited very amicably from the start.  The last photo is the two of them meeting.  We titled it "I've got a feeling I am not in Kansas anymore!"

I thought you might enjoy seeing pictures of how Quince has grown.  He is thirteen pounds now and our vet thinks he may "top out" at fourteen.  This fine by me because I carry him on the subway and bus system to our off leash adventures.

Thank you for the care and work that went into creating a creature that has added such quality to my life.

With all good wishes,



Dear Teresa,

YES, we are definitely smitten with Cavalier love! You were also right about the males being very affectionate! Teddy rubs on me like a cat and is with us long after Lucy has gone to bed. We can’t get enough of each other! Please keep us in mind for a show prospect female in the next year or two-you can’t have just one cavalier! It is rare that our expectations are met with anything in life, but I can say that our puppy has met mine in a dream dog!

Thank You,


I had been thinking about getting a dog for nearly five years. I really wanted the perfect dog for my lifestyle in New York City. Buying a life long friend over the phone is obviously difficult, but Teresa was informative and patient, and didn’t pressure me at all. After lots of questions back and forth, I decided on a beautiful little blenheim pup that I named Shelby. Now, I can’t imagine life without her! I am of course, biased, but she is the best behaved dog I have ever encountered. After only two months, she walks well on a leash, is potty trained, and is friendly with kids and dogs alike. She is so good that my work lets her come with me twice a week-something they have never allowed before. Shelby has been more wonderful than I ever imagined and I would recommend Stoneridge Cavaliers to anyone interested in this breed. I really could tell how much they love and care for their dogs. I will never go anywhere else after purchasing a dog from them!

New York


I was very deliberate in choosing a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  Not only did I study the breed, but I also made sure to find the best breeder.  My husband and I visited Teresa and met many of the fine Cavs she raised and were convinced that Stoneridge was the place to get our new puppy.  Teresa nurtures each puppy with TLC and it really shows.  Teresa's attention to the details of raising each dog is amazing.  We have a healthy and very happy puppy who came to us socialized with humans and animals, and litter box trained.  I highly recommend Stoneridge Cavaliers.

J Shelley, CPM


Stoneridge Cavaliers is the ONLY place to get your new puppy!  We initially chose them because of their proximity to our home in Kansas City.  Little did I know how lucky we were to acquire a puppy from this breeder.  When we went to visit for the first time and selected our puppy, we were very impressed with the cleanliness and coziness of the home environment where the puppies are raised.  The puppies are each treated as unique little individuals and given lots of love and attention.  Their quality is superior.  They come from beautiful healthy parents who have European heritage and are certified by veterinary experts.  Since acquiring our puppy on February 3rd, we have recommended this breeder to other potential Cavalier owners.  I even gave her number to folks in California.  I have been in constant contact with the breeder since getting our puppy and she is always willing to answer my questions (and I have bombarded her with a lot of them).

N Torrey
Kansas City, Mo.


I purchased my cavaliers from Stoneridge almost a year ago.  How fast time flies when you're having fun.  From the moment I saw pictures of my two puppies, I was hooked on them!  They are the light of my life.  "Bentley" and "Bridgette" are the most loving dogs I 've ever known.  They give and give without asking for more than a pat on the head.  Of course, we can't keep our hands off of them, and they are constantly on our laps.  They are smart, learn quickly, and are always eager to please.  Even when they do something "naughty", I still want to hug them.  They certainly have a way of stealing your heart.  They draw attention wherever we go!!  I have nothing but praise for Stoneridge Cavaliers, and would recommend this breeder to anyone.  This breeder's ethics and service go way beyond what would be customary, and I would not hesitate to purchase another Cavalier from them.

K Brown
Lima, Ohio


Our 8 month old Cavalier that we bought from Stoneridge Cavaliers is one of the best dog purchases I have ever made.  He is our 4th Cavalier, but our first tri-color.  He is healthy and gorgeous.  He also is active and extremely playful.  Everyone, from our vets to our friends, comments on how cute and personable he is.  Check out these breeders for an excellent Cavalier.

G Janis



A few months ago I lost my beautiful cavalier and my best friend.  I wasn't looking for another so soon but found myself checking the internet for puppies just to look at.  I stumbled across the ad for "Stoneridge" and decided to write just to get information on available puppies.  Teresa answered me immediately and sent me pictures of her "babies" and that was the beginning of a life-long relationship.  Living so far away, (I am in Virginia) all our correspondence was by e-mail.  My fears of adopting another puppy were immediately diminished after Teresa sent me pictures and kept in touch on a regular basis.  I found that I could have purchased a cavalier from over 200 breeders on the internet, but Teresa's patience and understanding of my situation, convinced me that I wanted a puppy that SHE soiled and prepared for a lifetime of love.  My little female "Jewel" was shipped, and couldn't have been better adjusted.  The shipping was just as planned and she was in my arms and my heart as promised.  I now have another best friend who starts puppy classes tomorrow, thanks to Teresa and her total love of the breed.  Anyone can be a breeder...............Teresa at Stoneridge is truely a Cavalier Mommy.

Thank you Teresa, and when I am ready, I will reserve number two.

Yanna Adams